Batman Villains Get All Mixed Up

Batman Villains 2
I feature art on the site here all the time, but this is one of the cooler projects I’ve come across in a while. The artist in question is Eric Y. Huang, and he’s put a new twist on the concept of a mash-up.

Usually a mash-up causes two separate universes to collide, like Chorno Trigger Winnie the Pooh, but here he’s done some combinations within a singular universe.

He’s taken nearly all of the most famous Batman villains and combined them with each other. The results? Pretty fantastic. Joker/Riddler, Penguin/Freeze, Bane/Croc, Catwoman/Ivy and more you can find below.

What is it about Batman villains that are more iconic than ones from any other comic? Superman’s rivals don’t get nearly this kind of press, neither does anyone in the Marvel universe.






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