This is What We Call Batman Overload

As all of us feverishly await the next installment of Batman we can still revel in the fact that Batman is a huge part of our lives.   I honestly think we can thank The Dark Knight for that.  Granted Batman Begins was good but clearly the Dark Knight got all of our blood pumping again for the reinvigorated movie series.

Obviously we are all saddened that Ledger won’t be able to participate but if there’s one thing we can count on, it’s that Christopher Nolan will not let this franchise stumble, not even for a minute.

So while we wait, let us take a look at how Batman is still in our lives……

Thanks to Widelec for having all these in one place even though they don’t own the rights to the photos.  They just have their watermark on all of them.  Boo!

Here is your Batman overload for the day

  • Steve

    The fat guy in the first pic has a youtube page where he plays Batman and shows you how to do things. “How to: Batman”. How to make a sandwich, how to dress for a job interview, etc.. It’s funny because even though he’s a fat guy dressed in a cheap Adam West costume, he does the whole thing in Bale-Batman voice. The page on youtube is called “sharkbaby”.

  • Guy Incognito

    The cat with the batman mask is still one my favourite pictures I’ve ever found on the internet. Especially since the cat is almost identical to my girlfriend’s cat.

  • Tonym

    You can thank TDK. I thank Denny O’Neil, Frank Miller, Neal Adams etc.

  • have linked


    Steve – thanks for the great link