Now That’s Bullfighting

Here’s the weird stuff about this picture.  It’s not that there’s a dude in a batman costume staring down a bull.  Who are those other people off to the right?  I can only assume this is like “halftime” entertainment at a rodeo somewhere.

Deep down I was hoping it was some half assed bull fighting championship in Mexico.

  • It can also be San Fermin, in Pamplona, Spain

  • shaq85

    Hi, this is actually from Costa Rica.

    There’s no traditional bullfighting here, it is prohibited to kill the bulls. Instead a random number of people just get in the bullring a try to evade the bull.

    This particular photo comes from the most famous bullfighting festival, we had some costume heroes attending this year.

  • That batmans gonna fux that bull up.. hah