Badass Dragon Pictures from Kerembeyit

I’m not sure I can explain it much but there’s something really awesome about dragons.  Is it the fire?  Is it the flying?  Is it the fact they look kind of like dinosaurs and reptiles all wrapped into one?  I’m gonna say it’s all of the above.   Which is why I’m sharing this badass Dragon gallery with you all today.

Thanks to Kerembeyit over at Deviant Art we’re able to see Dragons in all colors and many kinds of bad assery.   I mean who the hell thinks of drawing a steampunk  dragon?  Pretty awesome if you ask me.

Check out the deviations after the jump…..









Battle Dragon

Dragons of Ordinary Farm

Steel Dragon

Coming of Dragons

Dragonborn Breath

Mithral Dragon


  • Jim

    Is it just me or are most of the portraits trying to seduce you?

  • Someguy

    These remind me of the dragonlance books, it’s got All the colors too good and bad…great books!!!

  • Jason Optik

    Nice pics…

    ЈÁ§Ǿמ ØÞťїқ

  • Bearfoot

    That clunk you heard was my jaw hitting the floor…

    Amazingly beautiful work.

  • Wow some of your dragon art looks just like me. yea I’m a dragon that have been change in America. if you dont believe me fine but I still support your dragon art that look just like me.

    ^.=.^ ^.=.^

  • Silver

    if you don’t believe in dragons, WHY ARE YOU ON THIS SITE? sorry.
    awesome pics.

  • HasiVA

    So awesome!!

  • Dragoness

    I came on this site by chance,and never expected to find pictures by Kerem Beyit,my all time favourite artist along with Bob Eggleton.I wish I could draw dragons that well.

  • Huang Lei Lung

    Irfan9835,I fully support the fact you are a dragon,for I am one,an imperial Lung.I’m sure you are greatly relieved there is another dragon out there,as I am.

  • katie

    heyyyyyyyyyyy sweet dragons. i wish they still existed man, soooooooooooooooooooooo cool.

  • Dawnie

    Omg, I love these pictures, they’re awesome. I love dragons, I draw them all the time, so so so awesome. I’d love to meet a dragon (a nice dragon). I’m more of a dragon than a person, to be honest, although I don’t look like a dragon. xxxDDD I’d love to be a dragon.

  • Malvel

    Can Dawnie get any more hyper no offence

  • Kyle

    Nice artwork! I have to say the red one and the one just below it are my favorites. And yes, dragons are badass, I completely agree with that.