Bad Girl

I saw this picture floating around the internet today, and upon further research, I realized that it was our old cosplaying friend Ryoko Demon. I interviewed her way back about her truly fantastic cosplay, and it’s good to see she’s still keeping at it with amazing costume after amazing costume.

She makes a great Harley Quinn, as you can see, and didn’t even feel the need to go for the tarted-up version featured in the past few Arkham games. Respect!

Check out more of her latest work here.

  • Pirate Spice

    Nice. Now THAT’S what Harley Quinn should look like. Not some leather-clad hooker.

  • wdwyer

    @Pirate Spice – While I will agree. This is our classic Harley now. Remember it fondly. Because the vast majority of comic fans have fallen for the leather-clad hooker from the Asylum games (which is also why she got the overhaul and the new background in the new comics). We my friend are no longer the majority. The classic deck of cards Harley Quinn is gone. Maybe they will revist someday. But for now, love the memories because she ain’t coming back.

  • Akister

    Damn… I’m dressing up as Harley Quinn for Halloween and this puts my costume to so much shame!