Awesome Futurama Wedding Cake

I wrote an article a while back that involved Futurama as part of an argument as being a spin off that wasn’t all that great.  It was actually because I found awesome pictures of a Futurama Car.

I’d like to apologize to all the fans of the show out there.  Reason being I’ve never seen the show and shouldn’t be passing judgment as the show being so similar to the Simpsons.  It’s not a fair assessment.  Not to mention only the characters look like Simpsons characters (as you guys explained in the comments).

Now, I still haven’t seen the show but I won’t pass judgment until I actually do.  In the meantime I’m gonna keep posting cool stuff I find as there’s clearly some wacky Futurama fan base out there who loves paying homage to the show.

Speaking of which, check out this cake….

Thanks to Alanosaur for the photos


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