Awesome Computer Animation Pictures from Mass Effect 3

It’s not often we get to see the brilliant work of graphics artists who actually work on video games.   We see lots of fan art and plenty of screenshots but rarely do we see the concepts being brought to life via computer.  Today we have some choice shots of a guy (Eric Bellefeuille) who worked on Mass Effect 3.

Here’s what Eric said about this gallery.  “I finally have the privilege to share with you the last round of GUI work i did at Bioware Montreal (modeling, shader animations and graphic design). All those elements has been produced to add an extra layer of narrative GUI in our environment.”

Check out the work after the jump…..

This is pretty awesome.

  • trashcanman

    NO! The ending was less than perfect. LESS THAN PERFECT!!!! Therefore, Bioware is the worst company ever and Mass Effect 3 is the crappiest game of all time. BOOOOOO!!

    Nah, still GOTY. People really underestimate what it takes to create something like this, but looking at images like these makes you really appreciate the complexities of art design for a great sci-fi game.

  • Draugr


    Sure, if anyone was talking like that then I’m sure we’d have a laugh, unfortunately for you, people complains were far more varied and nuanced than that, you painting a caricature of some imaginary person just highlights how obtuse you are to what people take issue with.

    Even barring the ending and peoples opinions on it, ME3 being considered game of the year is still a total joke.

  • palmof40sorrows

    @ Draugr

    I take issue with your spelling. Perhaps it is hard to see the letters from the horse you are sitting on. Or something. And before you protest with “but internets” your use of fancy words like “nuanced” “caricature” “obtuse,” and “you.”

    Also, your fancy words are useless against the might of fandom AND how awesome the Multiplayer is! Suck it lore-hounds, anything goes in MP! HAHAHAHA!

  • palmof40sorrows


    editing is hard! Guess I take after Draugr.