Awesome Celebrity Candids of 2010

Why hello there everyone!  And welcome to 2011.  We trust you had a pleasant holiday break.  Hopefully many of you are refreshed, fatter, and raring to go for yet another year of Unreality greatness.

To kick off the New Year we figured it would be appropriate to take a look back at some of the “finer” moments of the world’s most famous people.  Believe me this is just a glimpse but an extremely funny one at that.

Check out awesome celebrity candids after the jump…..

Nice catch Mr. Jonas!

Now These are Pretty Funny.  You should know who most of these folks are but if you don’t email us….

  • Awww…Poor Keanu.

  • omg these are hilarious.

  • anonymous

    CAN YOU POST SOM F%CKING CAPTIONS? I don’t know about a third of these people, and sometimes I don’t know who I’m trying to look for in each picture.


    • Nattyb

      Sorry we’ll do that next time.

  • meh

    +1 for captions

  • very hilarious celeb picts…

  • Steve

    Hint: If you don’t post captions as to who these are, and we dont know, or cant tell, then your “celebrity” part of “celebrity candid photos” is moot. Good article otherwise.

  • I must be old. I don’t recognize any of these folks.

  • Yeah, captions please!

  • devi

    omfg…seriously guys look at the mickey rourk naails…is so disgusting…so creepy