Arkham Daycare for the Criminally Annoying

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From artist Phostex, we have a look at what it might look like if Batman and Rugrats met in a head-on collision. The result? Amazing, as you can see.

It’s one of those fun pictures where you have to spot all the subtle references. This one isn’t particularly hard, but you may miss details like Zsasz’s signature, Bane’s inhaler or creepster Bruce Wayne.

Man, I want another Batman movie. I know we just had one a few months ago, but I’m jonesing for a Nolan-ified version of all these villains that we’ll never get to see.

  • Kinda reminds me of JL8 …

  • trashcanman

    Hopefully the next director give a little more of a shit about the characters than Nolan did and doesn’t feel the need to smash the franchise to bits out of personal boredom or spite after only three films.

  • OK, maybe I’m just not that big of a Batman fan, but I have no clue who the kid with the inhaler is.

    Is it supposed to be Bane?

  • Robert


    Woah woah woah… watch it.

  • Mr. B

    Loved the Penguin, Catwoman & Killer Croc on the wall…

  • lamebot

    trashcanman’s right. Last Batman movie was average at best. Only one that really stood out was the second one.