Ancient Tech Recreated in LEGO


Yes, yes, “ancient” is probably a stretch given the fact that most of the stuff is barely older than me, but pretty much everything here hasn’t been seen for decades now, unless you count the camera which has now turned into the Instagram logo.

The work is from LEGO-master Tim McVeigh, and even though they’re not the most elaborate creations using the bricks, they’re pretty damn artful all the same. Check out the others below:








  • Nick Ramsay

    “The work is from LEGO-master Tim McVeigh”. Checked the link and his name is actually CHRIS McVeigh. Tim McVeigh was more of destroyer than a builder, if I recall…

  • goseebananafish

    When I saw the word ‘Ancient” in the title of this post I was really hoping it wasn’t going to be stuff I grew up with. I see my first camera, my first and second video game systems, my first TV, and my first computer. Now get off my Lego lawn.