An Undead Iron Man

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This is a fine collaboration between photographer (Adam Jay) and model (Kysoti Kallio) that imagines what Iron Man might look  like if zombified, because that’s the cool thing to do these days.

I’ll ignore the logic issues behind a metal suit becoming infected by the zombie plague, and just appreciate this for how goddamn awesome it looks. Seriously. If you saw that thing running (or I guess flying) at you, you’d just surrender to the most badass death you could ever imagine.

Check out more shots of the costume below:

  • But it wouldn’t be able to eat you anyway.

  • Powers

    Even in a comic book universe it’s on the limits of logic but then the extremis armour was bio-electronic in nature and was stored inside Stark; possible that if Stark was infected the suit would be infected too? I’d go with it for the sake of bad ass zombie power armour.

  • Patrick

    marvel zombies does exist ya know 🙂