An Incredible Gallery of Child Superhero Silhouettes

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I’ve posted too many superhero themed galleries to count over the years, so it’s rare when one comes along that truly impresses me. But today is that day.

Artist Andy Fairhurst decided to create a rather whimsical take on the classic superheroes of comics and film, and fashioned this silhouette series that has children dressing up as their favorite heroes.

The result is nothing short of incredible. There are about twenty pictures in all, and each is exceptionally creative and better than the last. Absolutely check the entire thing out for yourself below:

Middle click on each picture to quickly open in a new tab.

  • Sylkmatic

    These are pretty awesome. Is the one with the lightning and staff Loki?

  • Gil

    Yes. I got them all pretty easily except ghost rider took a while.

  • David R

    Reminds me a lot of Limbo. Cool gallery, though.

  • mark

    wow the only joker creepier then heath ledgers….but awesome stuff!! the flash may be my favorite

  • Henry

    Could’ve used a little more variation. Even a different background.

  • Nico

    Ok. I’m kinda disappointed that there was not an illustration of Aquaman.