An Excellent Batman/Nightwing Rework

batman nightwing1

There are ways to subtly redesign Batman that don’t need to involve him wearing mech armor or medieval scale mail or anything like that. One such vision comes from Dan Mora, who just wanted to give the Dark Knight and Nightwing a few tweaks.

I really like the new utility belt and cowl/cape that attaches with straps. Even the pants are pretty cool, though I can’t quite say why. I don’t know Nightwing well enough to say all that’s different with him, but he’s looking pretty fresh as well. Check him out below.

batman nightwing2

  • Lucas Tetrault

    I love this stuff! The only minor thing I would say is that I don’t like Batman’s gloves. They look like he stole them from the Joker or something…? (I would’ve gone with Black or even the “gold” color from the Belt…but I’m really just nit-picking)

    • NeoDevilZ

      I assume the gloves are a reference to Batman’s original costume which infact had the purple gloves.

      • Lucas Tetrault

        Ah see … from my perspective that was always more blue than purple (but then again … other pictures sure look purple)

        Ok, I’ll go with that. (still think they’d look better in one of the other colors I mentioned 😉 -hah)