An Amazing Gallery of HDR Photographs by Jakub Kubica

In case any of you are curious as to what HDR photographs are, they are basically regular photographs that are enhanced digitally.  So while it’s not necessarily photoshop, it’s pretty close.

If you know how to do it right then the results can be quite extraordinary.   Thankfully there’s an artist out there named Jakub Kubica who knows his stuff when it’s comes to HDR photos and he happens to have quite a gallery.

Here are 40 stunning photos from Kubica.

This picture kind of reminds of something you might find in a Tim Burton movie.

Check out the rest of the HDRs Below

  • I dig the cathedral shots the most. If there’s anything that kinda sucks about these things its that I wish I could exist in these places but won’t be able to since they’re enhanced and whatnot. Either way, these are pretty damn gorgeous.

  • 355333532

    HDR makes me thirsty.

  • Z

    They look like something out of a videogame, like BioShock or something.

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