An Amazing Action Photography Gallery

We don’t really focus on sports much here.  We don’t really focus on photography per se but when I came across these pictures I had to share them with you guys.  I think it’s because a lot of them fall into the “unreal” spectrum.  The precision it takes to capture a picture at the split second the coolest possible thing is about to happen is a site to see.

And I for one can appreciate how awesome it is.  Not to mention it puts the viewer in that place for just a moment.  It’s hard to imagine being in these situations but the photos themselves makes it possible.

Check out this amazing action photography gallery after the jump….

Thanks to the Photo Argus for these shots.

Jesus, talk about being backed into a corner.  I’d hate to be these people.

More action shots

  • Rodney

    PER SE!

    not per say

    thank you.-

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  • Awesome Photography

  • Amazing photos aren’t they! Photographers work has such a clarity about it. Maybe it’s the depth of field or the lighting he uses but the rooms pop. Real attention getters. But I guess they have to be considering the “wallflowers” he works with 🙂

  • Lol your post reminds me of hilarious thing my pal did, she stepped in to wet napkin, shout “craaaaaaa*” and slipped… + food flew to shirt of by stander, this happened at our engagement hoho…

    Well story short, you’v written very good post, makes me smile.