An Alternate Twisted Truth of Super Mario Brothers

It’s been an extremely long time for those of us following Super Mario Brothers since its inception.   Hell I feel like the game Gyromite was nearly yesterday.   Through all the game systems, websites, television, movies, you name it, I’m amazed that Mario has stuck with us all of this time.

But never, in the last 20 years have I seen something that could finally be the real truth behind the story of Super Mario Brothers.   In what combines real life with comic, with….Willy Wonka (for lack of a better word) is one of the most imaginative comics I’ve seen in a while.

If there were ever an accurate portrayal of Mario and his tales, then this would have to be it…..

Thanks to Henrik Tomenius at Twistedspeedo for this crazy tale

Check out how the rest goes…

  • looka

    seen this one a while ago, I like the darkside version of Mario..
    btw, anyone else think that if they ever do a proper Mario movie, Ron Swanson should play the lead role?

  • Me

    I want to see a Sonic one with a half roadkill hedgehog’s dying dream

  • Mark Anthony

    You guys should look up the truth behind Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends.

  • Kami

    This wasn’t funny.

  • sage

    Yeah, not funny at all.

  • jesus

    it has been established quite often that mario uses his fist, not his head, to smash blocks.

  • Boobaloo

    This strikes me as grimness for the sake of grimness without a premise beyond that.

  • Really not funny. 🙁

    • Big Boss

      It wasn’t intended to be funny.

  • That was a pretty good comic. The author should contact me to do some work for my site.


  • Chris

    So… it’s the plot of SuckerPunch?

  • Nate

    This was tasteless and not funny at all. Really sad.

    • Big Boss

      It wasn’t supposed to be funny.

  • Marko

    Guys! This comic is intended not to be funny.

  • Skip Towne

    Yeah, pretty sure this wasn’t meant to be funny. At all. It’s just a neat little realistic theory on the Super Mario Bros. world. That’s it.

  • JadeyJoestar

    its not even supposed to be funny. i dont know what made some people think that it was. its just a gritty telling of what might be behind the whole mario universe.. He’s a plumber that climb inside pipes, eat red mushrooms on a bright colored world, smash bricks that holds gold coins inside it, looking for a girl that most of the time is on another castle or just isn’t there.. so yeah, this fits quite well.

  • Jason

    This was horrible. It’s ugly and nasty.

  • Fero

    Funny or not, my grievance with this comic is that it made Mario into something i’ve never seen him be or thought I would see…a b@!*h.I honestly lost interest as soon as he warped out of there and expected it to go where it ended because that’s the explanation to everything now a days,maybe it could be the next Unreality post on how a lot of movies cop out with insanity!?

  • brimby

    Not clever, interesting or original. Many pointless frames eg the one about low gravity. Amateur effort but there is some potential.