All That Crap You See in Movies is Right Here!

Have you ever wondered where movie gets all their “stuff” from?  I mean we know that the guns aren’t real.   Nine times out of ten if you see some kind of food stand, the stuff that’s laid out is plastic.  Clearly we’re not dealing with real human skull and obviously those aren’t real bombs strapped to terrorists.

Well one place that stores a ton of this stuff is the prop house at Universal in Hollywood.   One of these days I’ll have to take a tour there.  I saw some stuff when I was at Disneyworld but that doesn’t compare to this gigantic storage space of Hollywood props.

From swords to pay phones, check out these awesome pics from the Prop House.

Since there were a fair amount of pictures here and we wanted you to see them in full size we constructed a gallery.

The rest of the pics are below



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