A Scott Pilgrim Marriage Proposal Gets Our Vote

In the grand scheme of marriage proposals we’ve seen our fair share.   But this one is way up there.   First of all you have the girl doing the proposal which I think is pretty ballsy.   Personally I wouldn’t want to be proposed to but that’s just me.   Second of all you’ve got a Scott Pilgrim styled proposal here.

Pretty sweet if you ask me.  Watch how they get from A-Z after the jump.  Just an FYI pics are clickable in case the text is too small….

Thanks to Reddit for this

  • zligo

    This is badass.

  • ayn

    crazy sweet! goodluck to them both!

  • MattChi


  • HarshReality79

    That. is. a. keeper.

  • trashcanman

    His look of win in the first “Dylan earned a fiance” pic is a thing of beauty. What a wonderful example of the feminine gender this woman is. I’m a little jelly. Also, I had no idea those were all real places. I kind of want to go to Toronto now.

  • Nuala

    This is uber awesome!

  • Blake

    I’m a guy and everything, but I’m jealous of his sweet ring!