A Pair of Fictional Justice Magazine Covers


What if the JLA had their own magazine? Who would you put on the cover? Aquaman, right?

I mean, I GUESS if he’s not available we can just wrap Supergirl in her own logo, sigh. But seriously, try to get Aquaman next off. Shirt not required.

Anyway, this is a rather cool art project from Gaks and there’s another non-Aquaman cover below featuring Wonder Woman. After a Black Canary issue and they’re going to start to run out of female cover girls.


  • trashcanman

    Do you think if I start sending a subscription fee to this guy’s Paypal account, he’ll keep going?

  • CandyAppleTree

    Unless Gaks happens to be the same person, this appears to be Artgerm’s work. You can see his signature near Wonderwoman and Supergirl’s hips