A Pair of Animated Joker Covers That May Give You Nightmares

animated joker1

I don’t follow comics, but I know that there’s a current “Death of the Family” storyline going on with the Joker, which has featured some very creepy covers by Greg Capullo

How to make them even creepier? Why, convert them in to GIF form of course! That’s what’s happened above and below, and I think I’ve gone with the more terrifying of the two above. The second is the Joker putting on lipstick, which is unnerving in its own way, but not quite as bad as him HOLDING HIS FACE IN HIS HANDS. I may end up having to take this off the front page.

In any case, check out the other GIF below, and perhaps they’ll keep making these.

  • Kaveh

    Hey Paul,
    the new story line is ‘Death OF the family’ not ‘in’.
    its a small difference, but i think important since
    death IN the family was a different story arc that killed of the second robin in the 80s.

  • I absolutely love these gifs.. I’m not even a big batman fan, but i do love the creepy factor.

  • Nuala

    These are awesome!