A Nostalgic Gallery for Classic MS-DOS Video Games

I don’t know what the hell made me think of “Budokan:  The Marital Spirit” from 1989 but for some reason it was on the brain.  And then I started thinking about all the other amazing MS-DOS games that were out there.   Hell these bad boys went as late as 1997.  Can you even believe that?

What the hell was I doing in 1997?  Oh right, going into my first year of college when Dreamcast was in the works.   That and when Mario Kart feuding would take on new meaning.  But MS-DOS games?   Pretty sure they were in my rear view mirror back then.

But just for nostalgia’s sake, take a look at these classic MS-DOS games after the jump…..

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  • Bakakyo

    Wow. Just wow. There are some games here that I didnt even remember playing, but they were awesome. And some classics that I was playing about 6 years ago…
    The best for me:
    – Master of Magic
    – System Shock
    – Syndicate

  • Andy

    At a quick glance, all I noticed was Scorched Earth, and that was all I needed.

  • STX81

    Very impressive list. In the last few days I’ve referenced Wacky Wheels and Commander Keen in separate conversations. Decent I and II are two of my favorite multiplayer games ever. SimCity 2000 is just epic.

    Best for me:
    – Descent II (Multiplayer madness with the smart bombs.)
    – Stunts (my brother and I made a bunch of awesome tracks)
    – One Must Fall 2097 (my Jaguar was unstoppable)

  • Holy crap, awesome post. Descent was the first shooter I played, ever.

  • DocDoom

    Wow, I played SO many of these games as a kid. Great post.

    I was sad to see “Manhunter” not make the cut. Does anyone remember that ridiculous game?

  • Azenomei

    i played them all!

    but, where is fallout?

  • farsight

    This list is useless without STRIP POKER!!!

  • Blackie

    The original Master of Orion was much better than the sequel… your list needs a correction!

    Also… why isn’t Prince of Persia on the list?

  • DeathLove

    Im not that old, good =) i remember almost every game at least by name =)…

    and some i play still today:

    C&C (W7 support, CnC net)

    TTD (OpenTTD),


    Theme Hospital (nice reincarnation by Corsix)

    and Commander Keen (episode 7 and 8 as fan-made project)!