A Gallery of Hot Celebrity Halloween Costumes

Of the many Kim K costumes this is my favorite

You know why Halloween is such a great holiday?  Because there are benefits for every single age group out there.  I mean Halloween has different meaning for everyone.  For kids it’s all about candy and running around dressed up in costumes.  For teens it’s about not wearing costumes and getting candy anyway.

And for us adults?  It’s that scary time of year we can watch cool movies and dress up.  But really it’s a time for women to dress way more provocatively than they usually do.  Boy do they ever too.  What a great great day.  It’s not different for the celebrity crowd either.

I’ve compiled 20 quality sexy celebrity Halloween pictures for your enjoyment….

About the only thing Lindsay Lohan might be good for these days is attending parties where she can dress slutty.  I mean I guess that’s good enough for the rest of us right?  It’ll have to do.

More Sexy Celebrity Costumes

  • Kim K is so freaking hot in this picture.

  • I saw Christmas decorations in Home Depot this weekend…

  • article fails on two counts:
    1. very few of the pictures really qualify as ‘celebs get sexy’
    2. they couldn’t even take the time to tell you who is actually in the photos (we don’t all know these things…)

  • Are those celebs? I guess some of them are kind of sexy but definately not all of them.

  • Sexy woman. Hat matches her well. Nice costume.

  • Kim K is not a beautiful but better than the all hollywood actress.