A Gallery of Superheroes Going Geometric

I’m always down for featuring an interesting new art style, and this set of geometric superhero prints from Jam Wah really caught my eye.

It’s incredibly simplistic, sometimes to the point where you think, “hey, I could have made that!” But you probably couldn’t have, as it’s harder than it looks.

All the biggest names are here from Marvel to DC, and a few of these would make good modernist posters in my estimation. Check out the full gallery below:

  • Art Deco is the style of painting you are referring to. 🙂

  • XenoIrish

    Reminds me of Samurai Jack.

  • JZ

    awwwwww no spidey 🙁

  • Javier


    my thoughts too…God, I miss that show..

  • Wow, these are great.