A Gallery of Rob Liefled’s Anatomical Abominations

Defying the laws of biology, physics and perspective all at once. Impressive.

So as comics is my new thing (see this post), I’ve been looking far and wide for them, and some…interesting images seem to come up. Comic book heroes have always had exaggeration of the human form, but one artist in particular seems to have lost all touch with reality when it comes to human anatomy: Rob Liefeld.

Now I know I’m not the first to make this observation, and I won’t be the last, but I felt it worth re-examining as it’s just so goddamn ridiculous. If you think the above bastardization of Captain America is bad, check out the rest of the gallery below.

She doesn’t give birth, babies just fall out of her.

They added two arms…and removed her rib cage while they were at it.

Diagnosis: Elephantitis of the torso. Outlook: Stupid

I thought someone photoshopped this as a joke to make fun of him further. Nope.

Unless this scene involves her spine snapping, something is very wrong here.

Captain America’s legs have caught some of Mr. Fantastic’s stretch powers.

Yo dawg, I heard you like muscles, so I put muscles in your muscles so you can muscle while you muscle.

Isn’t it dangerous for blow up dolls to carry swords?

They called her Princess Daintyfeet.

Namor is from a race of sea people who can grow muscles that simply do not exist.

Princess Daintyfeet has a blonde sister it seems, one with a worse affliction than she.

I’m surprised he didn’t twist just a LITTLE bit further to try and get another ass cheek in there too.

Is he supposed to be dwarf or is he just proportioned like one by accident?

  • Sheriff Bart

    This style was once considered the ‘in’ thing. The early 90’s were a shameful time to be a comic book artist.

  • Danelhombre

    Are Rob Liefled’s eyes far apart or has he never seen another human face and just drawing from description?

  • Ugo Strange

    Trust me, NO ONE like Rob Liefeld…Check out Linkara’s “Atop The 4th Wall”!

  • Ben

    Well said Sheriff Bart, for a stretch of time everyone was drawing comics like this. The only thing is that Liefeld never adapted when the rest of the artists did.

  • Bad Acid

    At least the 90s gave us Jim Lee, Alex Ross, and the Kubert boys.

  • DocDoom

    This one if my favorite:


    Oh man, so so good. Especially the quote.

    Also, that Namor is brilliant.

  • http://www.MusicBoxDynamo.com DBacon

    The Namor of course actually being artwork from the late Michael Turner, stands out. Sure its a s-ton of muscles, but their is an aura of actual professional talent.

  • Ace Freely

    Did none of these women ever hear of working out their lower bodies?
    It’ all She-hulk on top, Barbie on the bottom.

  • http://twitter.com/historiarevista colimar

    The only thing i want to know is WTF Robin think he is doing

  • DocDoom

    He’s…balancing? I guess?

    If there were any sort of depth perception in that picture I could have a more definitive answer.

  • Austin

    Liefield is one of the worst, but Greg Land is worse. At least Liefield actually draws his characters. Greg Land has a stock of pictures he traces off of for EVERYTHING.


  • anon

    It’s a style of art. Drawing this stuff takes serious talent. You like it or you don’t, personally I don’t, but you can’t knock the talent.

  • Timmysteve

    Hey anon, did you read the post or look at the pictures? The thing is that Liefled has some talent, but it’s clear that he has no interest in improving or (as the quote DocDoom linked) accepting taking criticism. Most artists strive for at least getting the basics down (anatomy, perspective, etc) before they take any serious steps toward the professional world, and it’s pretty clear that Liefled is a couple crayons short of a 24-pack as far as anatomical verisimilitude goes.

  • Adam A

    I’d never heard of this guy until I saw this post, but 2 hours later found myself still looking at these in a state of shock and terror.

    Here’s a good site if you want more of this great man..


  • AdamA

    I hadn’t heard of this guy before today, but ended up spending a couple hours of shock and terror on the 40 worst lists of his.

  • Nerdyboy

    correct me if i`m wrong. But, doesn`t the Artemis one belong to Mike Deodato jr?

  • http://twitter.com/#!/Ant2206 ant2206

    Check out this video series of Rob Leifeld and Todd McFarlane creating a new character, under the direction of Stan Lee.




    The whole thing is veeeery 90s, but it’s also Rob to a T. Stan is passively aggressively taking the piss of his style the whole way through. But at the time Rob was a bigger artist than Todd, so he was given more rope (and leather straps and spandex).

    There’s also a beautiful moment, I think in video 3 if I remember correctly, where Stan Lee specifically says “Rob, those feet need more definition”. And Rob just nods, then goes and adds more straps, pockets, and armblades.

  • bigpartymaker

    Yeah I didn’t remember this guy’s art being so ridiculous back in the early 90s, which supports the comments about it being the style back then. BUT I do remember hating the stupid guns he would draw

  • Charlie Ward

    I just hate his art so much.

  • Chris H

    Namor was drawn by Michael Turner and the second Wonder Woman (blonde one) is not Liefeld either, though I’m not 100% on who it is

  • Tj Hasty

    That second wonder woman was mike deodato I think

  • Melody Felicia-Baril McGinn

    So you don’t approve of highly stylized art. Too bad that’s sorta what comics are about. At least you included men in the article though.