A Gallery of Real Life Superheroes

It’s a very simple concept really.  It’s called the “Real Life Super Hero Project” and it was created by American photographer Peter Tangen.  It features ordinary people without any special ability wearing superhero costumes.

Seems like it’s been done before right?  Not like this.  Plus it’s odd to see ordinary people.  Most superheroes have a good looking quality or something “above human.”  It’s hard to describe.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the photos….

Thanks to Real Life Superheroes for the photos

  • Candee

    I love that one of them is plainly called Super Hero. That’s great.

  • MetFanMac

    “Chai”? LOLOL!

  • Ugo Strange

    This is amazing.

  • Xin

    I’d watch/read some of these movies/comics.

  • renesis

    This post make me think in Watchmen.

  • My favourite phot is the first one. That is a really well done take of on Alex Ross’s “Kingdom Come” group paintings.

  • From Tokyo


  • Citizen Prime is kinda a real superhero actually;


    He stopped active petrols awhile back I seem to remember, but for awhile he was, arguably, one of the worlds few real superheroes.

  • DBoy

    The fantasy is all nice and unicorny until one of them dies or gets gang raped then it gets real and anal bleeding

  • samyak

    like u!!!!!!!!!

  • alejandro

    se ven muy chafa los heroes y ademas se ven demasiado Nerdoo