A Gallery of Post-Apocalyptic Artwork

Personally having gone through Hurricane Sandy and prior to that, Hurricane Irene, I’ve seen first hand what mother nature can do and is doing to us.   Forget all of the talks about global warming and causes of all of this weather.  The fact is that this weather is happening and it’s getting worse no matter what the reason (though I fully believe it’s global warming).   To think of states like Florida being completely underwater and disaster scenarios like The Day After Tomorrow brought us really isn’t that far out of the question.

Hell our own man Paul wrote a book called Exodus which is about the apocalypse (though his book is about aliens).   It’s realistic.  It’s on our minds.  And we are fascinated by what we’d do with our world if it were turned upside down.  And I think it’s because we know it’s inevitable.

Here’s one person’s view of what our world might look like after an apocalypse….








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