A Gallery of Modernist Superheroes

Alright, so I haven’t taken art history class since uh, eighth grade probably, so I’m just going to take a stab and say that this art gallery of various superheroes falls somewhere in between modernist and art deco. What exactly each of those entails, I’m not precisely sure, but it seems to fit.

They’re all courtesy of French artist Greg Guillemin, who you may remember from his recent pop culture icon poster guessing game from last week. This is a bit of an upgrade in terms of artistic talent, and it’s cool to see he’s capable of a bunch of different art styles like this.

Check out the full gallery below. Maybe he takes requests? Aquaman impressionism please!

Cyclops and more on the next page!

  • Guy Incognitus

    The 2nd Batman one is my fav. The Silversurfer could easily be put on the cover of any Ayn Rand novel.

  • the silversurfer seems to be inspired by “Metropolis”

  • Jake Fortner

    less “inspired” by Metropolis and more “exactly the same, just silver instead of gold.” All of the buildings are exactly the same.

  • Great use of A.M. Cassandre’s style