Latex Cosplay is Our Favorite Option

We are not huge purveyors of sex and ladies on this site but once in a while I feel it is our obligation, nay our duty to post certain genres of female that deserve merit.   And since you know how much we love Cosplay, what better way than to feature one of our favorite Cosplay genres?

I’m talking about the female heroine.   Lady heroes are always a big hit but even more so when they are attractive.  Hey let’s be real here.   You don’t see comic books featuring Ugly Betty as their hero do you?

And what tops off a sexy hero more than anything?  Why a latex outfit of course!  Check out the unis after the jump……

I mean I guess if you’re into that sort of thing.   I suppose the “Bang” gun can have multiple meanings here can’t it?  Eh, I guess I’ll let you guys debate that one out.

More Latex Cosplay Below


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