A Gallery of Comic Book Characters Punching Hitler

Believe it or not, I actually came up with this idea before either Osama bin Laden got killed or I knew Hitler died on this weekend in 1945. I just noticed a large amount of comic book characters who at one time thought it prudent to smack Hitler across the jaw. I’m not saying he doesn’t deserve it, but it’s just funny because I don’t think I’ve seen one man beat up by such a variety of different characters.

Yes, you have your obvious Captain America and Captain Britain taking it to him, but Ninja Turtles? Mickey Mouse? The Hulk eating him for breakfast? This gallery got kind of weird the more I searched.

I tried to do a follow-up with Osama getting punched, but as it turns out, comic book heroes aren’t nearly as concerned with him as they are Hitler. Check out the full gallery below:


  • the last one made me lol 😉

  • Jeroen

    Actually, tonight at 20.00 we here in The Netherlands have our annual 2 minutes of silence in remembrance of the victims of World War II, and tomorrow, 5th of May, we celebrate the day that The Netherlands got liberated by the Allies – so you have good timing! I especially like the Captain Berlin one.

  • J5

    @ Jeroen, that’s crazy, cause tomorrow we celebrate too! Only instead of in rememberance for WWII we get wrecked on tequila and celebrate a fake mexican holiday.

    (Note: It is fake, look it up)

  • hahah. This is almost as good as cats with hitler mustaches.

  • LawlessVictory

    In news thus far unrelated to hitler, I’m so brainwashed by wrestling that upon reading the first panel, “… for the millions,” the imaginary audience in my head immediately replied with “and millions!” Yeesh.

  • iamfwomwome

    I LOL’d when his mustache gets punched off his face!

  • Heen

    I like the use of “Kampf” in the third one down.

  • Asa

    lol….the Captain Berlin vs. Hitler is not a Comic Book…that was just an add for B-Movie with that name 😀

  • Jon Wolter

    I bet “you” had this idea around 2008-9 when I compiled all of these on my old blog…www.hitlergettingpunched.blogspot.com. Heck: the third one was even one I drew myself.