A Gallery of Calvin and Hobbes Art


I was going to make another Starcraft post here, about like the top ten best matches or something, but I figured you guys would kill me, so I’m switching gears to something a little less hardcore.

Calvin and Hobbes is many people’s favorite comic strip for many reasons. It was well drawn, intelligent, hilarious, and never went on past its prime. It’s no wonder that so many artists want to create their own versions of the characters, and I’ve assembled the best ones I could find here.

Thanks to the always talented DeviantArt pool for most of these.

Slightly Terrifying


I’d Watch It


Lol Nice iPod


Nice Legs Calvin


Don’t Wake Calvin!


This One Might be My Favorite


Even More Cartoony Than the Original


Well That’s Uhh, Actually I Don’t Know What That is


No More Cooties


A Little Too Romantic for Me


Do Not Make This Movie Ever


Now, To Take Over the World!


A Welcome New Owner


  • chuck

    Please do the to 10 starcraft matches!!! it will would be awesome!!!

  • perx

    i think the 9th [or 6th from the last] is pertaining to rule 34 😛

  • Aj

    Calvin and Hobbes collections taught me how to read. Seriously.
    I somehow remember that when I was in school my teacher told my parents I was “slow to learn reading.” I am not sure but I think I was just very uninterested in the standard fairy tales and fables stuff they love to teach kids. Anyway then I saw Revenge of the Baby Sat in an airport gift shop. Somehow I just knew I had to try this book.
    Low and behold my mind opened up to reading just like that. Sure half of the humor was over my head but I was asking my parents all the time what this word meant and such.
    Calvin and Hobbes saved my childhood imagination in a way. And certainly began my love of the written word. If you’ll excuse me I’ve got a very thick book to read thanks to Bill Waterson.

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  • Tishy

    I think if I ever hear the news that they are making a Calvin & Hobbes movie, I’ll cry for a week. What a terrible, horrible idea.

  • Al Nonymous

    Calvin is the kid. Hobbes is the tiger.

    The one that you titled “Don’t Wake Calvin!” should be titled “Don’t Wake Hobbes!”

  • Al Nonymous

    Calvin is the kid. Hobbes is the tiger.

    So the drawing that you titled, “Don’t Wake Calvin!” should be titled “Don’t Wake Hobbes!”

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  • Matthew

    Number eight entitled I don’t know what that is. It looks like the front view of this Sinfest Comic Strip.


  • Matthew

    This is an interesting depiction of a realistic Calvin.

  • Jess

    Very cool. 🙂
    I loved Calvin and Hobbes as a kid… Loved? What am I saying?
    I love Calvin and Hobbes.