A Gallery of Beautiful CG Girls

In the world of the unreal, it appears that things are getting more “real.”   I mean when you talk Computer Graphics you are talking Skynet type stuff.  I fear for our future in that computer may actually rule the earth someday.  And sooner or later we are going to have robotic spouses.  Just wait.

And as a precursor to this?  Well, we’re starting to see figures that look more and more human every day.  So we can either start embracing this or we should just destroy this technology right away.

In the meantime I suppose looking at beautiful women created in CG isn’t such a horrible thing…..

If you’re gonna site there and tell me that you don’t think this chick is unbelievably hot then you’re 100% lying to me.   The world of the unreal is becoming real and I may start having to embrace it quite soon.

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