A Funny Gallery of Celebrity Duckfaces

I wish I could say the duckface originated with the movie Zoolander but I’m pretty sure it didn’t.   Somewhere, at some club in a distant land far away in Jersey Shoreville, a person was dancing to the beat of a familiar song and decided to make a face that they thought was cool but in reality made them look like a jackass.

Unfortunately that face (known as the duckface) has become a staple in our society for “trying to look cool.”   And it’s too bad it’s made it into the mainstream.    Hell even our President is making the duckface  from time to time.  Yes, the President.

I don’t know if this is funny or disappointing but I’ve decided to gather some celebrity duckfaces for your enjoyment (or to your dismay)…..

Of all the celebrity duck faces I’ve seen out there this has got to be the worst one of them all.  Congratulations to Mr. Ed Westwick for looking like one of the biggest pricks in the universe.  I’m sure you must be very proud Ed.  Now go annoy more people on Gossip Girl.

See if you can guess the rest


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