A Funny Collection of “What’s In Your Wallet” Capital One Cards

You know in today’s day you can customize your personal checks?  I mean now more than ever you can have almost any design you want on your checks.  When it comes to credit cards you have a bit of flexibility but you certainly can’t make “vanity” credit cards.   It just doesn’t exist yet.

But I’m guessing that in time you’ll be able to choose pictures and themes for your credit cards.  Until then, the folks at Something Awful created a fun little Capital One “What’s in your Wallet” contest where people made awesome themed credit cards.

We chose the ones we thought looked best for this site.  Check them out after the jump….

  • Drester

    Actually, it is possible to choose your own design for your credit card. And it wouldn’t surprise you that it’s possible with Capital One ( http://www.capitalone.com/imagecard/index.php ) I’m able to choose my own design for my ATM card. It’s pretty cool.

  • Jim Lahey

    Have you completely given up on watching TV shows on your television? Capital One has been doing the design-you-own-credit-card thing for at least five years now, and most of their commercials not only mention it, but completely focus on it.