A Collection of Quotes to Boost your Creativity

We all get in creative ruts sometimes.  Lord knows it takes some creativity to come up with some whacked out list that we know you guys will enjoy.   We’ve all been there in those moments where our minds are blank.  Where we cannot seem to focus and we cannot seem to create anything new.   Those times are kind of annoying.

It’s at these times we should take a step back. Relax.  Let the mind wander and hopefully get back at it.   It’s at one of these times it might be helpful to take a look at what others have done.

Here is a great collection of quotes that should help to boost your own creativity…..

Man I wish I were a genius.  I’m so not like this.

More quotes below

  • Good quotes but goddammit your image galery sucks so hard. Please get to rework it (just use greybox!)

  • justin_g

    Looks like a good post, but…

    Can’t click the images without getting an annoying webpage that opens up in a completely new tab. It’s some weird scam site. Won’t let me close the page, too.