A Collection of Creative “I Know that Feel Bro” Animated Memes

The world can be a very lonely place.  However, Chris G. has created portraits of pairs of characters who share between them a connection by way of woe and unlucky happenstance.  Hence the phrase “I know that feel bro.”   As you can see in this first picture it’s Harry Potter and Batman.  What’s the connection?  It’s tough being an orphan hero.

We’ve got a whole bunch more in the gallery after the jump.   They’re really tough to figure out but we’ll give out a gold star to the person who can figure them all out.


Thanks to FC 06 at Deviant Art for these

  • Rbourn

    Didn’t these get posted before?

    Or were they different ones by the same guy?

    They are good though.

  • Ian

    The only one I can’t figure out is the Adventure Time/Mario one…wikipedia leads me to believe it has something to do with Mushrooms or princesses.

    Pikachu & Genie – both live in small cramped containers and are called upon by someone else to do their bidding.

    Boba Fett & Snake – both clones of some bad ass individual in their universe.

    Mega Man & Astro Boy – both humanoid robots

    Pac-Man and Hippo – suffering from pellet addiction

    Edward Scissorhands and Scissor Man – …scissors.

    Alphonse & Luigi – perpetual little brother syndrome.

  • wevs

    Find and-a Mario both save princesses, yes.

  • @Ian: You do realize there are two pages, don’t you?

  • Ian

    Well now I do.

  • Kristoph

    Haha I didn’t know there was a second page either.

  • TheGamerGirl

    Okay, I got…

    Eeyore and Cloud – Both perpetually EMO

    Robin and Frog – Either named after animals or perpetual sidekicks

    R2 and Brain – Cleans up after the clueless humans

    Beeker and Chewie – Only their respective partners understand what they’re saying

    Stormtrooper and Koopa – Expendable enemies

    Wario and Ultraman – Evil versions of the good guys

  • NevLovEv

    ^ Correction: Robin and Slippy are both annoying sidekicks.

  • Trevellian

    ^Correction #2

    Thats not Wario and Ultraman
    thats Wario and Bizzaro Superman

  • Charlie Ward

    @GamerGirl: That is not Ultraman, that is Bizarro. Spot-on otherwise, though. Thanks for Cloud and Eeyore specifically, because I didn’t get that one.

  • Metanoia

    R2D2 and Brain both can’t talk