20 Photos that Truly Capture the Year 2012

Where can we possibly begin when discussing 2012?  I know that on a personal level my 2012 begins with Hurricane Sandy.   Being in Long Island it truly hit home (literally) and it’s something I will never forget and am truly glad my little son will never remember (he’s too young).   But what else?

The election?  The Olympics?  Gangnam style dancing?  The Oscars were a little weird.   Memes were created.  GIF became the most popular word and Facebook became public.  Am I missing anything?  You betcha.  I’m missing plenty but dagnabbit it was a hell of a year.

And here are 20 pictures that I feel define our 2012 quite well…..

We’re not political here but come on!

More great 2012 moments below

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