20 Beautiful Cosplayers We Have to Acknowledge

It’s been a while since we’ve done our “Cosplayer of the Week” feature so instead we decided to round up some choice female cosplayer pictures and give a sort of “best of” 2012 thus far.   Normally we’d be crediting Geeks Are Sexy for these pictures but in all honesty they came from just about everywhere.

For all you ladies out there who put in the effort and time on these costumes we thank you.  And be sure to email us so we can link to your pages from here.   Man I tell ya.  I really appreciate cosplay now that’s in the mainstream and for more obvious reasons.

These ladies are gorgeous!  Check out the pics after the jump….

  • Bad Acid

    All thin girls.

  • thelaughingman

    ya left out several better ones. Riddle, YaYa Han, GodSaveTheQueen to just name a few.

  • Jason

    That Sailor Moon is freaking cute.

  • whirL

    I am very disappointed in you. How could you not include Alodia Gosiengfiao?

  • trashcanman

    God, I love cosplay girls. Nice pics. Here you go, Bad Acid. One fat man:


    And that is why thin girls get the nod here.

  • LetsSoar

    Ive seen way better Panty and Stocking cosplays 😛

  • Mr. Right

    lol Bayonetta looks terrible. She has no ass on her.
    That’s like cosplaying Tifa with no tits.

  • Collen
  • Veronica W.

    Your Supergirl is Alisa Kiss (NSFW). She makes a living being hot in costumes; does it still count?

  • Don’t mind me, just sharing what i have shoot before 🙂


    credits to model: Denise Tai


  • gokuh013

    where is JESSICA NIGRI ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!