20 Adult Stars and Their Comic Babe Counterparts

One of my favorite genres of internet picture is of the variety where people are compared to other things they look like.  It might be a person who looks like some kind of food or a person who looks like an animal.    At times we might see a celebrity who is compared to another celebrity.  Now I don’t know how long it takes people to find these comparisons but God bless them.

I just happened to stumble across a complete gem of a comparison gallery.  Adult film stars seem to have a lot in common with comic books.  Turns out that many of them have twins in the comic world.

*And by the way we have no idea who made these pics so someone please step up and tell us where they came from because we’d like to give out credit where credit is due.

Enjoy the comparisons after the jump…..

I can safely say that I’d much rather Tera Patrick play Wonder Woman than just about any celebrity on the planet.  That would be one joyous victory for the adult entertainment world.

More Comic Counterparts….

  • One part of me can’t help but wonder: Why pornstars?
    But then the other part just says: Why not?

  • Velcro

    If you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. What other source is there of hundreds, if not thousands, of a beautiful woman in various poses, in various states of undress, that you can access for free (via torrent). And because it is legitimately for research, it might even be legal for the artists to do so.

  • Why pornstars? Where else do you find bodies as impossible as they are in comics? Now if only they could act…

  • Mr Cinema

    I love me some Jenna Haze

  • Rick Badman

    Comic books were considered trash because the artists always seemed to draw fantasy people that caught the eye and imagination of readers with characters that were idealized humans or superhumans. When women were covering up, Wonder Woman showed lots of leg and cleavage. The artists couldn’t show nudity. But they could go up to near nudity and get away with it because comic books were considered trash for the mind.

    Now that they are considered graphic novels, they can go even further except when it comes to nudity. But there is enough material there to excite the libido of readers the same way Maxim and other nearly extreme magazines do. Maybe when experiencable program units come out there will be nude superheros that will be experienced. But the traditional ones will still excite people.

    I wrote about a superhero I call Mr. Amazing who changes into a woman in one chapter in order to shut down a powerful madam on the west side of New York. The superhero looks like an average guy. But he knows fantastic looking women in his home dimension and has some come to a Thanksgiving comic book convention that is shifted to another dimension where tens of thousands of people can attend it.

    If a graphic novel company like Extreme came out with naked superheros, filthy language, and extreme violence, it would have to be covered so not to reveal the hard core covers. But it might do well in the adult book stores and eventually as EPU programs. With the way society is going, I wouldn’t doubt such a company may exist already. Once we see movies with the extrme characters, comic book and graphic novel writers and artists may finally fulfill their complete fantasies for all the world to see.

  • Fan

    Who is Almakit? Does anyone know where to find her movies?

  • This WOULD be awesome !!!