20 Actresses With Amazing Legs

Look, when you’ve seen as many movies as Paul and I have you tend to pay attention to a hell of a lot of detail.  And since I think I may be the more perverted one out of the two of us,  I’d definitely say I’m the guy that tends to unfortunately pay less attention to the story when a gorgeous figure approaches the screen.

Eh, that’s not really true but I had to find a way to introduce this subject.   As much as we appreciate acting and physical effort in a film we also appreciate a pretty face and a great body.

Speaking of which, here are 20 actresses with amazing legs….

Jessica Alba

Kate Beckinsale

Eliza Dushku

Jennifer Aniston

Elisha Cuthbert

Kristin Kreuk

Emmanuelle Chriqui

Cameron Diaz

Oliva Wilde

Megan Fox

Maggie Q

Alyssa Milano

Camille Belle

Sarah Shahi

Blake Lively

Malin Akerman

Eva Mendes

Scarlett Johansson

Leighton Meester

Diane Lane


  • riot_invoked

    Tia Leoni…

  • VileThings

    I may be a bit biased here, since I’m a guy, but I approve of this list.

  • umm, Jamie Lee Curtis should never be missed in a “Best Legs List”. Ever.

  • timmy

    How did Sofia Vergara and Mary Elizabeth Winstead get left out?

  • Joey

    Or Stacy Keibler!!! Yowza!

  • MisterDevious

    Come on, Karen Gillan defines “legs that go on forever”!

  • Alex

    Dude no Summer Glau? Are you serious? Her legs are a work of art

  • ithurtswhenipee

    Really, just about any hot actress is going to have fantastic legs. This list could go on forever.

  • Cmon!

    BTW – Olivia Wilde has cankles – check it.

    and WHY no Jessica Biel?

  • JN

    You meant 20 “white” actresses with amazing legs, right?

  • riot_invoked

    does everything have to be about race?

  • Coop

    Olivia Wilde doesn’t belong on this list. Heavy thick calves with no definition. You need some straight on photos. you would then find more whose legs look good from the side, but not from the front.

  • Most people who rate good-looking legs like thin-skinny-manlike-shapeless legs (although well-shaven). I am impressed by your good choices. Although Olivia Wilde has the best legs without having to work three times a day to get them, you also have people like Jennifer Aniston who had to work hard to get her good legs, but she got them. Nonetheless, you tried to please the guys who like thin-skinny-manlike-shapeless legs (although well-shaven). That part was a mistake.

  • Dave

    Who was the actress in the first photo?

  • larry Stewart

    I love women with Great long legs
    in stockings

  • Alan

    Great legs, but go back in time a bit and think about Cyd Charisse. Greatest legs in Hollywood history.