15 Super Scary Close Ups of Celebrities

The last thing I would ever consider this site to be is a celebrity site.  However, given that we love our movies, television, and entertainment, celebrities do technically fall under that category.  And that’s why I just had to post these pictures.   I mean have you ever been in horrible lighting in some weird bathroom?  We all have.   Well imagine your face looked like that all the time.

Celebrities:  they’re just like us!   And just like us normal people, if you take a really close up shot of them, they’re going to look super weird and super scary.   I think you guys are going to like these pics.

Personally I thought Mick Jagger’s was the scariest.  Who do you think was?  Pictures after the jump

Thanks to Celebrity Close Up for these

Kim Kardashian

Paula Deen

Hugh Laurie

Kathy Griffin

Vanessa Hudgens

Jennifer Aniston

Julia Roberts

Mel Gibson

  • Kristoph

    Will Ferrell isn’t too good at shaving..

  • V

    Goldie Hawn reminds me of baron harkonnen from dune

  • Bernie

    I’m calling Bulls**t on these images right now. It’s photoshop processing using sharpening and contrasting to make the skin look hideous.
    These people are not young anyway so the processing has a worse effect but here’s a shot I have carried out the same process on of a little girl.


  • looka

    J.Aniston looks like a young Dustin Hoffman

  • illeaturfamily

    Jeff Bridges is still the man.

  • Jadis

    some of these people are really scary close up. Some aren’t so bad. Jeff Bridges is a good lookn’ guy close up, young, old… old and close up. If I were an older woman I’d have the hots for ‘im.

  • Sara C.

    While Mick Jagger’s leathery face is a sight to behold, Mel Gibson’s is the scariest because now we’re close enough to look into his eyes and see he has no soul.

  • Skeebo

    Goldie looks like Jabba the Hutt…

  • Atticus

    Holy crap, Bridges has still got it.

  • Frankincense

    I think Hugh Laurie may secretly be a serial killer …

  • you guys I don’t know how you could even put Jen up there. Jen’s so hot, amazing and beautiful. You guys must be nutz .

  • Eucalyptis

    Jeff Bridges and Hugh Laurie have really pretty eye colors!

  • No offense, these images are just oversharpened.

    What sharpening does is that it creates light/dark edges. Therefor the pores on their face get a white edge around the outside and a black edge on the inside. This makes it look like there’s massive black pits in Jennifer Anistons face.

    I’m sure she’s not photoshop perfect in real life, but this is photoshopping to make them more imperfect, which isn’t fair either.

  • Bee

    I don’t see why Kristen Chenowith is even up there (photoshopped or now), she’s still beautiful even super close.

    Vanessa Paradis, though… Jesus. Even if this wasn’t oversharpened I’d be terrified of that picture.