15 Reasons You Should Never Take Pictures with an iPad

People love their “i” devices.  Hell I love mine.  I’ve got em all.   The pad, the phone, the touch, the pod, they’re all fun and easy to use so what’s not to like?   But I have to admit that some people get a little crazy with their devices.

Let’s take the iPad for example.  Now that these bad boys come with video and pictures people are taking these things everywhere.  Personally I’d prefer the iPhone because it’s much smaller.   But here you see people with iPads in the strangest of places.

You’ll see what I mean.  Check out 15 reasons you should never take pictures with an iPad after the jump….

Gotta thank the folks at Buzzfeed for these awesome pictures

Because You’re at a Concert

Because you’re Rioting

Because You Want to Look Sexy (You Already Are!)

Because You’re at Football Practice

Because You’re Not Sexy

Because You’re at the Beach

Because You’re Raving


  • Sam

    Are you saying that chick with the big tits is sexy? It looks Luke her makeup shotgun is set on whore.

  • Bert

    I love that Sam’s comment appears to have an autocorrect fail in it.

    And you’re right, that is a SWEET mullet-hawk.

  • Sam

    No, I actually meant for that comment to be directed at my buddy, Luke. There is admittedly a grammatical screw up, it should say “Look Luke, her makeup shotgun is set on whore.”

  • Tim

    These aren’t reasons as much as they are locations.

  • Scott

    Imagine making phone calls xD

  • Guybrush

    How about:

    1. because it has an utterly rubbish camera
    2. because it functions abysmally when trying to use it as a camera
    3. because you will look like a fool if you try to use it as a camera