15 Funny Pictures Taken At Just the Right Angle

These types of pictures are nothing new but as old as I get I hope to stay immature enough that I’ll always find humor in childish things.  Things like when someone looks like they’ve got more hair than they do.  Or situations where it appears that they’re eating the sun.  Call me crazy but I’ll always get a kick out of this stuff.

So whether you call it “at the right time” or “from the perfect angle” I think from this first picture you get my point.

Enjoy these choice shots after the jump….

Now that’s frisky cat!

More pics below

  • igor

    I don’t get the one with the Queen.

    • obvious

      Its refering to Michelle Obamas head

  • Dan

    Me neither.

  • Denise

    Okay, I’m looking, I’m getting each one and then I reach the one that causes me to laugh – and laugh more. It’s the pic with Beyoncé performing in a white dress. I think it’s the position of the “biter” that does it. Like he was compelled and committed. Fuuunny!