15 Celebrity Photobombs that Will Surely Make you Laugh

Way back in 2010 we did a piece called “The Most Classic Celebrity Photobombs” and I figured it was simply too long since we posted these gems.   Whether the celebrity is the photobomber or photobombee either instance is grounds for a chuckle or two.

I guess it’s the whole “celebrities are just like us” part of the equation that draws us into these pictures.  It’s just kind of humorous to watch these people be “human,” you know?

Anyway, enjoy these 15 celebrity photobombs after the jump…..

Emma Watson

Russell Brand

Katy Perry

Nathan Fillion

Michael Cera

Aaron Sorkin and Jesse Eisenberg

Nicole Kidman

John Mayer

Jack Black

Muhammad Ali and Jim Carrey

Lisa Rinna and Joey Fatone

Jake Gyllenhaal

Artie Lange

Jessica Alba

Dick van Dyke and Anthony Hopkins


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