15 Celebrities Doing Cheesy Print Ads

It’s hard to think about certain celebrities in their “cheesy” days.   For example.  Can you even imagine that Justin Timberlake was in the band N Sync?  Doesn’t it seem like a completely different person?  It’s hard to think of him doing that lame boy band stuff with curly bleached blond hair.

Even weirder is that this stuff isn’t really that long ago.  You’d be surprised how many celebrities were doing cheesy stuff back in the late 90s and earlier in the 2000s.

Here are 15 that you’ll get a kick out of…..

Thanks to Buzzfeed for these pics


Britney Spears

Christina Aguilera

Justin Timberlake

Queen Latifah

Backstreet Boys

Spice Girls

Tara Reid

Anne Hathaway and Jesse Eisenberg

Williams Sisters

Jennifer Love Hewitt


Kerri Russell

Denise Richards


  • Jason

    Aww, you didn’t point out that the third guy in the Jesse Eisenberg ad was young Lloyd in Dumb and Dumberer.. Then again, that wasn’t exactly a movie to be proud of.

  • Matt

    @ Jason –

    He also plays Vaughn on “Community” — a much more impressive credit.

  • emignatius

    How about Rosario Dawson in Josie and the Pussycat.

  • Charlie

    Yeah, how the heck did you miss Rosario Dawson, there? Much more high-profile than Tara Reid, these days.

    Also: Did “Two and a Half Men” rip off the concept for that “Brother’s Keeper” show or what?

  • Truth

    Sad to see how digital cameras not only killed Kodak but Polaroid as well

  • glad2notBu

    SPEAKING OF MOVIES THAT SUCK EXPONENTIALLY WORSE THAN THE PHANTOM MENACE… i give you Josie and the Pussycats, anything w/ Britney Spears in it, the Spice Girls “film”, anything w/ Queen Latifah in it, ANYTHING w/ even a SONG from Christina Aguilera in it, ETC