12 Amazing Things Caught on Camera

We just posted an article yesterday that contained pictures you might normally think are photoshopped.   Today we’re kind of doing a similar thing.  Only this time these are pictures that you simply don’t see that often.   Stuff that’s essentially captured on camera where you think to yourself, “how about that?”

Check out the photos after the jump…

  • Limitus

    last one’s creepy as hell…
    though the albino dolphin shouldn’t be that rare…

  • dextermat

    Wow, amazing what photoshop can do….

    most of them are fake obviously

  • David

    One photo per page? This site is really going downhill. I already don’t visit it as much as I used to.

  • joe

    You can see the strings holding the chair up in the first pic!

    Come on guys… this is what you’re putting on the site now? Whoring for page views by splitting image galleries across 12 pages? Horrible popup ads that crash my browser every other time I come here.

    It may be time to move along…

  • MrTenno

    Yeah.. one image per page. I like to help you guys make money, but that’s abusing.

  • Schiapu

    I get that more views are good, but this is ridicuolous Nattyb, and it’s you the one that has this problem, other writers spread out in pages, but an extra one or two pages don’t hurt… 12 is an absurd number.

  • Monk

    Did you not see the strings on the chair? Seriously?

  • Mike

    I don’t think any of these are fake or photo-shopped.

    As for the chair in space, who’s to say those strings aren’t attached to a big freaking helium balloon. Chairs don’t just float by themselves.

    People complaining about popups need to get FireFox already, or any other browser that has built in pop-up blockers. Problems solved.

  • What Eva

    Screw your early-’90s layout and TWELVE SEPARATE PAGES.

    Web pages SCROLL, retards. There’s no excuse for this time-wasting and offensive layout.