10 T-Shirts That are Good Conversation Starters

If there’s one item I feel like I’m kind of short on it’s T-Shirts.   There was this one summer where I wound up buying around 7 great shirts from movies that I knew most people wouldn’t really know about so I felt great about that.   I mean I’ve got stuff from Revenge of the Nerds, Lover Boy, and an All-Valley Karate Tournament from Karate Kid that only a few people know.

But I need to load up on some more.   While I love the movie genre stuff it would be awesome to get the kinds of T-Shirts you know will elicit a reaction from just about anyone.

Here are ten such shirts….

  • Kristoph

    I want the first one and the headphone one 🙂

  • Eddie

    I want it all 🙂
    Those T-shirts are attractive!

  • Pingless

    #2 is a swimsuit, not a shirt. I’ve been wanting the “I’m Fine” one for a while…

  • I have a fantastic one with small text (so people have to lean in to read it) saying “Nosey little fucker aren’t you?”.
    Everyone makes the same reaction. It’s brilliant 😀