10 Fantastic Ideas that Came from The Internet

Remember when Paul posted this picture a little while back?  We got some mixed feedback from you guys.  I still think the idea of a laptop powered by your exercise efforts is a fantastic idea.   I mean people really need to get off their asses and exercise so the idea of even having to have a forced exercise mechanism may seem lame but hey, we’re a lazy country.

Anyway, I came across some other fun internet ideas that were out there.  Most of these were formed by people making status updates on Facebook.  They’re some pretty funny and inventive revelations.  Check them out after the jump….

Thanks to Buzzfeed for these

  • Snakes on a Plane. Thank you, internet.

  • Chuck Norris jokes 😀

  • iamphoenix

    the time traveling one made me laawwwwllsszz

  • Luigi

    @Albatraous, the are not jokes, they are facts lol

  • Michael O.

    The peeing games already exist: