Justin Timberlake Needs to be a Full Time Cast Member on SNL

Justin Timberlake

So last night was a pretty shitty night on TV mainly because there was nothing new in the lines of Thursday’s on NBC.   However, NBC did manage to pull off a nice little Christmas holiday special with one of their “Best Christmas Skits” shows.

After rummaging through a Robert De Niro singing with Kermit clip I managed to wait it out until I saw the “Give it On Up To Homelessville” skit featuring Justin Timberlake.  Personally I thought it was way better than most of the clips (P.S. how awful was that Dan Akroyd and Candice Bergen clip with the selling glass?  terrible) and it got me thinking…

Can SNL please make Timberlake some kind of monster offer to be a cast member for like a year?  Think about it.  When have you ever seen this guy in a skit on SNL that wasn’t funny?


First of all, he’s incredibly talented.  I mean let’s just erase all of the N’ Sync years from our memories and focus on his awesomeness now.  He’s managed to develop pretty decent acting skills (I thought he was very good in Alpha Dog), he’s a very good dancer, has an excellent singing voice, and is a good looking charming type dude.

Add that to the fact that you know this guy gives it max effort on every skit.  I think he would make the ratings of the show skyrocket.  Yes, Timberlake is probably too big a star to just be a cast member on SNL but he’s made many appearances, is obviously friends with Andy Samberg and I almost feel like a nice enough guy that he would do it for free (ok not that nice).

Oh, P.S. sidestory, about 6 years ago me and my buddy bought Timberlake a shot of Jameson while we were in a bar.  We called over to him and he initially said no to the shot.  Then he finally obliged, took the shot and seconds after left to go to the back room.  I’m guessing he puked but it was still pretty cool that he accepted the shot from us.  It was from that point on that I liked Timberlake.

In any event, Lorne, get out your checkbook and sign this guy.

And here’s “Jizz in My Pants” for no reason (though Timberlake is amazing in 2 parts)


  • The Candice Bergen/Dan Ackroyd clip is LEGEND…..did you just say that to get comments? My top 3 SNL hosts, in order: Alec Baldwin, Chris Walken, Justin Timberlake.

  • Madison

    JT on SNL is must-see as far as I’m concerned. The kid can do it all – sing, dance, act, whatever. He’s the biggest entertainer in the world.

  • Nattyb

    @waybose – I didn’t even think it was remotely funny.

  • illeaturfamily

    JTimble on SNL would be AMAZING. Chicks love him, he’s down to earth enough for guys to enjoy him, and he’s extremely talented. The guy could host, be the musical guest, and be a cast member every week. Ok, maybe not every week, but he could pull it off every now and then.

    All in all he would be a great addition to the show. I don’t think I’ve ever not laughed during one of his skits, and ‘Mother Lover’ is my favorite digital short of all time. And even though he’s only in Jizz in My Pants for like 2 seconds, he still manages to make me laugh.

  • Venro

    I’m not sure about signing him for a year. What makes his appearances now so entertaining is partially because they’re so rare. Whenever you see him in a skit right now you know its going to be good. That might just get ruined a bit if he was showing up week after week.

  • BanditOne

    If you haven’t peeped him in the “Plasticville” skit yet, go check it out. It is along teh same lines as the Homelessville one, but BETTER!!!

    JT is king.

  • Cheryl

    I’m totally on board with the idea of getting Justin on SNL full-time, I might start watching again!

    That Homelessville skit was awesome, I had never seen it before last night and laughed all the way through. I think what makes him so great is he doesn’t seem to be ‘too good’ to be silly or poke fun at himself. I like when he would go to press the button on his boombox and over emphasized it – LOL