The Joseph Gordon Levitt/Heath Ledger Thing is Starting to Freak me Out

Gordon Levitt

OK, so in the last 3 days I’ve seen two movies with Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  I finally saw Inception over the weekend and I have to say he (and everyone else) was very good in the film.  If Levitt isn’t already considered a star then I’m sure he will be now.  He’s very handsome, plays his roles extremely well, and has an aura about him that leads me to believe he’ll be solid well into his 40s, 50s, and beyond.

Then I saw 500 Days of Summer yesterday.  Another very solid flick with another great performance by Levitt.   But all the while watching these films I could not get Heath Ledger out of my head.  The resemblance is just too uncanny and I had to vent about it somewhere.  I mean doesn’t this freak anyone out?  Not to mention Levitt is in Christopher Nolan films now?  Plus rumors are swirling he’s gonna play the riddler?  Which by the way I’m sure he’d be great at.

It’s just really freaky every single time I see this kid on film.  I mean they kind of looked a like when they did 10 Things I Hate About You, but now that Levitt is a little more grown up it’s just unbelievably weird how much these two look a like.  It nearly detracts me from the films I watch because I keep saying “God this is ridiculous.”

I just hope Ledger is watching from up there and enjoying his disciple at work.

  • Cheryl

    I’m just not seeing the resemblance…maybe I didn’t see enough Heath Ledger movies.
    JGL was soo smooth in Inception and I don’t remember any Heath Ledger roles like that. I have seen 10 Things I hate About You and they were total opposites…maybe it’s just me.
    Heath just seemd more, I dunno, rough around the edges…both great actors tho.

  • chrystani

    Everytime he came on screen, I swear i was thinking, “He looks so much like Heath Ledger”, if they needed a Joker for another NOLAN Batman, he would be it.

    Joseph is fucking fine though, God damn. That suit. That smoth demeanor…

    Umm.. Yes please.

  • Edzone

    I wasn’t really concentrating on his face through most of the movie, I was more concentrating on the mentally challenged person, the asian lass and the 3 children in front of me.
    There are like 10 ‘decent’ films on at the moment, so which film do a mentally challenged person, an asian lass and 3 children choose to see? The kids walked out halfway through, the challenged person was in an electric wheelchair and didn’t have that option, I think the asian lass started doing math or something sterotypical/racist of asians. Also, why has no-one mentioned the twist at the end yet where Cobbs son is actually Justin Bieber? Seriously WTF?

  • Edzone

    Why the fuck is there a Twilight/Volvo link in my comment? I’m so sorry, I would never advertise those thing, I’m so sorry. They both suck arse.

  • Josh

    @Cheryl: Heath Ledger was smooth in A Knight’s Tale. My personal favorite from his all too short filmography.

  • Dude

    If you like Levitt, see the movie “Brick”. It’s a great flick.

  • Winston Bull

    He looks ‘similar’ to Heath Ledger(at times). He does however look a dead-ringer for a cross between Heath Ledger and Keanu Reeves.

  • chelsea

    i think someone needs to get their eyes checked…. they are both male, that is where the resemblance ends.

  • Sefa

    HELL TO THE YES. I’ve thought they resembled each other (not identical, though) since 10 Things, and people always thought I was nuts for even suggesting it. I think the similarities must be more in the presence, a few mannerisms, the slight squintiness of the eyes and similarities in the nose, jaw and forehead that contribute to it. Heath had a much more solid build than the slimmer JGL.

    Also, both are wicked hot. Hopefully, we don’t lose Joe, too.

  • princessJAY

    I actually think his aura makes him way hotter — since 3rd Rock from the Sun onwards, there’s just that little bit of the nerd/outsider quality that’s different from Heath Ledger.

    Yeah, BRICK is a pretty awesome film. He’s an official fave of mine for a while now… and hott 😉 !

  • The Dylanthropist

    JGL is a really underrated actor. funny to think of him from third rock from the sun but in his adolescence he took on some challenging roles and they all helped break that child-actor mold. Brick was a great movie for what it was, a detective-noir film in a high school setting and though over the top sometimes in terms of dialogue and plot, succeeded in what it set out to do. a very solid and little seen movie. the only big budget/big name movie i can think of which i’ve seen him in recently aside from inception is the god awful GI JOE but then again, every actor needs to take some roles to get his name out there. Fantastic in 500 days of summer and Inception (his fight scene in the hotel corridor just too cool for words) and i’ve been expecting him to start taking on some really high profile roles for a while now. In keeping with Nolan’s propensity for working with the same actors, i really hope to see the two work together again, as this director has become the go-to-guy for solid and intelligent films, and JGL has been on the rise as an actor for some time now. What i personally like about him the most is his style. The guy looks good in a suit or even some classy formal wear and having seen both Inception and 500 days of summer recently, he has a similar personal aesthetic in both. Pretty sure we’ll be seeing a lot of him in the future, but hopefully these roles can measure up to the mastery of Inception and 500 days of summer, two perfectly orchestrated movies.

  • cjsaxtvl

    This is too weird! I just saw the movie today and asked my husband, “did they make this movie a long time ago, because I thought Heath Ledger died 2 years ago.” My husband said it looked like him a little. I was convinced that I was watching Heath Ledger throughout the movie.

  • rina

    Guys, I just came from the theater and I got straight to the net and google to see if they were at least relatives…. they are very very very alike and it is not just fisicaly, their behaviors are the same… Yes, it is freaking me out… Could “they” be “him”?

  • Kristen

    I have to agree 100% with this post down to the word!!! I’ve been saying the exact same thing ever since 10 things I hate about you came out..Now my husbands on the same page.

  • Diana

    They’re so similar but Heath has a different build and slighter larger eyes, slighty different nose, thinner lips, and is rougher around the edges. love them both! <3

  • entmec

    YES!!!INDEED!!!!!!! I watched Inception yesterday and I just freaked out about the resemblance!!! I used to be FOND of Heath and was soooooo sad and disappointed when I heard the ”bad news” about him.. I kept thinking nowadays cinema lost a great star.. And just yesterday, I realized that Heath is still among us,through Joseph.. He is a great actor, and I LOVE the decency in his eyes.. I wish we’ll be able to be proud of him and enjoy watching him for a long long time.. 😉 He is gorgeous..

  • Jeheff

    They definitely do look alike, anyone who thinks they don’t isn’t looking properly! Their eyes are the most similar, it’s strange how similar they are. Also I can definitely imagine JGL in roles Heath Ledger did, and vice versa.
    Has anyone seen pictures of JGL’s brother, Dan? He died recently (R.I.P) and I couldn’t help but look him up… he looks like a cross between the two of them in my opinion, he’s the double of his brother, but he has a bit of a bigger build which reminds me of Heath.

  • Joni Huima

    well, this site came first when i had to check after starting to watch inception if heath ledger was in it,. somehow someway.
    i remember JGL from small roles long time ago but now… i see i’m not the only one looking for answer from web. i thought i dont find anything with keywords heath ledger inception but there’s a long list. it was just too creepy to watch the film without being sure, so i had to check this out. huh,. still after answer its freaking me out.
    can’t just get heath out of my mind when i see JGL.

  • dontbelieveme

    thank god! i’ve said this my whole life. i think they look very much alike in 10 things i hate about you and no one listened to me. i totally agree.

  • Big Fan

    I saw Inception last night and I immediately told my husband the same thing…this kid looks like Heath Ledger! Not just in his facial appearances which some would be right in saying Joesph eyes, lips and ears are larger than Heath’s. However, on screen, it’s Joesph’s mannerism are the same as Heath’s, the way his mouth moves when he talks. And yes! Heath had some smooth roles! And in photos, the way their eyes look right into the camera and right through you. I don’t think it’s on purpose on Joesph’s part, he just been blessed with the same gift as Heath and we’ll be seeing him in many more awesome movies!

  • Jises

    I cant believe it, the same happed to me! When I first saw The Ineception I thought, DAMN IT, Joseph really looks like like Heath, then I saw 500 days of summer and then I watched 10 things…its true to say that in 10 things that I hate about you they werenn´t very similar, but now that he is grown up, he really looks like him

  • Guy Roberts

    I saw this guy on facebook and I though is that Heath….and I’m Australian so that has to count for something.

  • Heath was THE actor for me. The style, the performance and the ambition of this man was unmatched. Joseph Gordon-Levitt drew my attention lately. He is doing fine. He is an upcoming star but if you look closely you ll realise that he is not just looking like Ledger. I think Ledger did influence this man a lot. They share the same ambition and passion and his performance is similar to Ledger’s. I don’t want to compare the two but i believe Ledger must have been an idol for him.

  • Kristen

    Since I saw “The Lookout” a few years ago I thought Joseph looked a lot like Heath. I told my friends he could totally take over as the Joker.

  • Yoka

    Believe me! You were not the only one freaked out =)) I first watched the Broke Back Mountain of Heath and then when I saw the Inception I was like “Holy feather! How come is he so young and thin looking?” @ – @ And when I checked out the actors’ profile I was like MOTHER!!!! Are they related or what?

    want another shocking alike actors? Check out Kate Beckinsale and Rhona Mitra. Eventhough I must admit that Kate is way more sexier than Mitra *blush*

  • Holly true! I had to even GOOGLE IT if there is someone who thinks the same. They really look-a-like and who sas we are weird and need to eyes check are blind. They are NOT identical (of course), but the resemblance is really BIG. When i watched 500 Days of Summer I thought its Heath ledger’s younger brother even that I knew its not possible since they got different names and family

  • Lulu

    I’ve always thought they looked alike but everyone I mentioned it to thought I was nuts, good to know I’m not the only one who sees the similarities.

  • Mia

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one! 500 Days of Summer bugged me out while he looked like he was channeling Heath the entire time. I found this site after hearing he was playing the next Batman villain and googling the two actors. I agree 100% with your whole post. True they don’t look *exactly* like each other, but his mannerisms are spot on!

  • dfrf

    except Heath was better -looking and had a huge muscular build

  • bem

    the resemblance is uncanny indeed….although heath had a more muscular built…love them both, not because of the face, but because both are great actors….

  • Agree

    I totally agree! I actually found this discussion while searching to see if I was the only one that had thought this! The coincidence just seems too strange.

  • I think Joseph looks more Asian American or Eurasian and Heath looks more Caucasian

    • john

      Thats because joseph died his hair lighter to be the character Heath Ledger.He looks more asian cause you see him with dark hair..They have same teeth and ears match..same person ..Solved

  • mishiemo

    i saw the similarity some time ago… cant agree more. i find it cool im not the only one, if he played the joker in tdkr i would nt mind… as long as he don’t f the role up!

  • gloria

    in the previews of 50/50 JGL looks more like heath when he is wearing a beanie

  • Shania

    Maybe Joseph Gordon – Levitt is Heath Ledger but that’s his alias…

  • Bea

    this is crazy…I just watched Hesher (very good movie btw)
    and the whole time I kept thinking “it’s incredible i feel like i’m seeing heath ledger… (plus he has long hair in that movie which trust me makes it even weirder) and I though that someone else might think the same thing… and I found your post which expresses my feeling EXACTLY. 🙂

  • Hannah

    OMG YES! I thought there was a slight resemblance in 10 things…but when i watched 500 days i was like HOLY CRAP! it is definitely crazy how much they resemble each other…i love them both! 🙂

    • john

      Thats because he is heath ledger..He created the character and killed him..Hollywood is a krazy place. And joseph can speak like a australian ..same ears teeth ..SOLVED

  • Yeah, they’re the same person…Heath Ledger first broke into the scene with 10 things I hate about You and they tried hard to make them look different so that they would be cemented as different people in the minds of the masses, but they are in fact the same person. Their ears match and those are as unique as fingerprints.

  • Kim

    Yes, JGL and Heath Ledger look so much alike, their smiles and their facial expressions. I was thinking that he would have been a great replacement for Heath Ledger as the Joker. Every time I see one of JGL movies I always think of Heath Ledger and what a waste it was for him to die so young. I think they are both great actors, but JGL has a more outgoing, funny personality than Heath Ledger, although I’m sure the years of drug abuse did affect his personality. Hopefully JGL will not sucumb to the usual Hollywood, actors lifestyle. He seems to be the kind of man who will do his own thing. I wonder if they will ever do a movie about Heath’s life, JGL would be the shoe-in for that one.

  • Gol Balakh

    When I watched Mr Levitt on the latest trailer of dark knight rises on the imdb , the first thing came to my mind was his similarity to late Heath Ledger
    They looked a like in some ways even in 10 things I hate about you and also It’s possible that he’s kind of copying Ledger and his look fir his career somehow
    But I believe that mr levitt is a respectable movie actor and it’s almost possible for him to take leading roles in top movies in conning years BUT Heath was (is) a non American Legend or even something more than it who set the standards one more time after Brando even in earlier ages (28) and not comparable to any other today’s Actor

  • Tan

    Cheryl…I have got to say – the reason why I came across this site was because I thought exactly the same thing. I do however think they have worked together before (maybe thats why I think that). But people need to look and be serious, I initially thought they may have been related because they do look really similar!

  • Vicki

    I was telling my husband last night at the movie that he looks so much like Heath it’s un-real !! I can’t belive he will be passed over to reprise the Joker in future Batman moives, because it seems he will most certanly be “Robin” !

  • c. quinn

    Did it ever occured to most of you that, they could be related by having the same mother but different dad or vice versa? Maybe he does not want people to know that they were related.Which is fine that is own business.

  • Bro

    What if they were the same guy? If I were an actor I would have multiple pseudonyms/characters. Brands get old and and having different characters gives the actor more range. You would never take the Chili Peppers seriously if Will Ferrell was their drummer. But throw a backwards hat on Will and call him Chad Smith and voila, problem solved. Will also plays Ron Pearlman and Mark Lanegan.