The Joseph Gordon Levitt/Heath Ledger Thing is Starting to Freak me Out

Gordon Levitt

OK, so in the last 3 days I’ve seen two movies with Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  I finally saw Inception over the weekend and I have to say he (and everyone else) was very good in the film.  If Levitt isn’t already considered a star then I’m sure he will be now.  He’s very handsome, plays his roles extremely well, and has an aura about him that leads me to believe he’ll be solid well into his 40s, 50s, and beyond.

Then I saw 500 Days of Summer yesterday.  Another very solid flick with another great performance by Levitt.   But all the while watching these films I could not get Heath Ledger out of my head.  The resemblance is just too uncanny and I had to vent about it somewhere.  I mean doesn’t this freak anyone out?  Not to mention Levitt is in Christopher Nolan films now?  Plus rumors are swirling he’s gonna play the riddler?  Which by the way I’m sure he’d be great at.

It’s just really freaky every single time I see this kid on film.  I mean they kind of looked a like when they did 10 Things I Hate About You, but now that Levitt is a little more grown up it’s just unbelievably weird how much these two look a like.  It nearly detracts me from the films I watch because I keep saying “God this is ridiculous.”

I just hope Ledger is watching from up there and enjoying his disciple at work.