Five Reality Shows That Would be Fun for the Gaming Industry

I’m surprised that given the rise in gaming there hasn’t really been too many television shows that center on the gaming industry.  I mean the only real “geeky” commercially successful show out there is The Big Bang Theory and that show isn’t really gaming focused.  They merely mention gaming from time to time.

But I have a few ideas that might kick some ass.  Since there’s a new reality show springing up every five seconds why not take a stab at exploiting the gaming industry?

Here are five ideas for gamer shows that I think could work….

Expo World

I think that the outside world should know how much fun Gaming Expos are.  And since there are different Expos every single week around the world, you’d have plenty of material.  Get a fun host, go around to all the expos and film the wacky cosplayers out there, gaming news, demonstrations, you name it.   I think the gaming world would love something like this.

“Insomniac” with Designers and/or Gamers

Remember that show “Insomniac” with Dave Attell?  He would go out, get wasted, and be on camera while interviewing random people he partied with.  Why not do the same thing with extreme gamers or designers?  Just film a bunch of gamers getting crazy with other gamers.  See what kind of wacky stuff they get into.

Video Game Drinking Games

I’d have to think of a better title but this would be a fun show.   Every single week you would be introduced to a new drinking game revolved around a specific video game.   The whole half hour you’d watch a group of people playing said game and see how wasted they would get.  You’d also laugh at how badly they play the game once they’re inebriated.

Booth Babes

Come on.  You think this show wouldn’t totally kick ass?  Think of this as a Playboy show but for the gaming world.  Just follow around different hot chicks who end up being booth babes at Gaming Expos.  Honestly I don’t think you can miss with this one.

The Wil Wheaton Show

Considering how much of a force this guy is in the gaming industry don’t you think it’s time this guy gets his own show on Spike or something? Maybe it could be a talk show for the gaming world.   Kind of like Jerry Springer where addicted gamers come on and fight each other.  Wheaton has to be the mediator.  I think it would be hilarious.


  • Pijus

    What about day9 daily? I started watching it after reading about it somewhere on this site, and it seems like a great gamer show.

  • Drester

    What did Wil Wheaton do for the gaming industrie? Never heard of him before his appearance on TBBT.

  • RickD3487

    They beat you to the punch on the drinking games show:

  • J5

    I volunteer my drinking abilities to the above mentioned video game show. The liver is evil and it must be sacrificed to both liquor & video game gods.

  • jsternberg

    What the hell has Wil Wheaton done for games in anyway?

    Also, I know you likely didn’t mean it like this, but calling “Big Bang Theory” as a “successful nerd show” is kind of insulting. The best way I’ve heard it phrased was from a friend. “Big Bang Theory is black face for nerds.”

    BTW, all of your reality show ideas sound really boring. If we as gamers want our hobby to be respected, we need to treat ourselves with respect and not treat ourselves like outcasts.

  • selunesmom

    Drester –

    If you haven’t heard of Wheaton before, I’d suggest watching the following (besides Star Trek: Next Gen):

    Stand By Me
    Toy Soldiers (not Small Soldiers – there’s a world of difference here!)
    The last season of Eureka

    He’s one of the few child stars of his group that turned out well.

  • Drester


    Didn’t know he was from Star Trek. Janeway is my captain. Ok, he was in one good movie, but I still don’t know why he is such a force in the gaming industry.

  • Amy

    @Drester twitter. That’s how I learned. He runs a vidcast called Tabletop where they show u how to play tabletop games. He’s very into D&D etc etc. He’s got a lot of pull because of his celebrity status. He’s very geek, but it a cool way lol

  • MegaSolipsist

    TBBT is not a show for nerds. it’s a show for those people who want to seem like nerds because it’s becoming cool. It panders to the lowest common denominator, and really is no different to most other shows out there, just with ‘nerds’ as main characters.